For the past few months, I've been in a weird spot. It feels like the whole world's upside down. The thing about living in this age of constant information, is that you can filter out what you want to be informed on. It's not always the best method, but we got to do it, or else we'll all go crazier. And in that slew of information, are many tricksters lurking and preying on people's ignorance and laziness.  

So, what you're left with in the end is 2 sides screaming "this" & "that." And only 1 of the sides is right. Subjectively, I think I'm on the winning side.

It's silly to pick sides cause we're all the same. At our cores, we want the same things. We want to be loved, we want to be happy, and we want to be free. Freedom as in “No Fear.” And I'd love to be on my "Kumbaya junk" all day, but there's too much destruction happening around us for me to act like that.  I have to keep a guard up, 'cause they don't really care about us.  We live in a reality where some people would love to see my head busted open on the pavement based off of insane prejudices.

And I've been blessed enough to the point where I can still stick around to give that perspective. I'm alive and I'm "black" and I'm creative. Removed from the whole black thing, the man thing, the youth thing, I am a person. I have hang ups, insecurities, and idiosyncrasies like everyone else. I have to cope and survive in the society I live in just like you. Because of the world's current "political" climate, that never-ending apocalypse, people are waking up to fallacies of the world. I'm not going to go off on some "I told you so" deal, but young people especially have to balance that awareness while combating their own search for identity.

Yeah, so are you. (and that’s okay)

To sum it up, we could all be a little nicer to each other and ourselves.

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